Instantly Zen with Selena Sage

Transcend stressful thoughts, and experience the timeless wisdom of the masters directly, within minutes!


Instantly Zen with Selena Sage live experiences are 90-minutes long and include a Qigong meditation, brief Zen talk, guidance through the Instantly Zen process, and question+answer session.


Events are limited to a maximum of 10 participants to facilitate dialogue and discussion.


Currently, one Instantly Zen event per month will be offered. You may find that one event is enough, or you are welcome to join more than one!


Event or 1:1 Session?


The experience of a group event is recommended, as hearing the experiences and questions posed by others can be very beneficial for your own discovery.  1:1 Zen Sessions with Selena Sage are available to those who are more comfortable with individual exploration, and/or those who want to expand their discovery with tailored guidance.


Events are Donation Based


Your generous donations make these events possible.


You are welcome to donate during the registration process or afterwards by donating via PayPal here. Thank you.


Upcoming Virtual Events


To be announced.






Schedule a Private Event

Selena Sage is available to host private Instantly Zen events specifically tailored to your organization, corporation, or group.


Similar to the live sessions, these events can include a Zen-talk, presentation of Instantly Zen, and a full question and answer session.


Especially during these uncertain times, a customized Instantly Zen event can assist employees, health professionals, and/or colleagues with overcoming stressful thoughts. Increased peace and calm are the immediate outcomes reported after using the simple, and easily repeatable, 3-step Instantly Zen process.


You are welcome to email or contact us to schedule a private Instantly Zen event or book Selena Sage as a featured speaker for your event. Thank you.




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