What Is Zen?


Zen is peace; it is the direct experience of the absolute, ultimate reality of one’s true, unborn nature as peace itself.


One awakens to this reality by transcending thoughts.



What Is Instantly Zen?


Developed and facilitated by Selena Sage, Instantly Zen is a simple 3-step process that enables the profound experience of kenshō — a brief glimpse, seeing into one’s true nature, wherein the non-duality of the observer and observed is realized.


This recognition allows one to overcome stressful thoughts instantly. Deepening comprehension of this realization leads to satori — complete enlightenment.



Why Does Instantly Zen Work?


Distilled from wisdom of Zen, Advaita, and Taoist masters, the simple 3-step Instantly Zen process allows one to recognize the reality of thoughts instantly.


Transcending the mind through the power of Conscious Observation takes no work!  Once experienced, it is an easily repeatable process that can be used to gain freedom from stressful thoughts until thoughts no longer have any sticking power.


The Zen you will find in minutes is the same truth many spend hours and years in meditation to discover.


Patient guidance from Selena Sage is an essential element of the process to help bypass the conditioned traps the Ego-mind naturally creates to keep one anchored in personal identification.



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